A tune to listen to: Sondar - Singlewave

I was recently given this song to listen after writing about Rick Sakura's song, Kawaii Sneakers. Singlewave is the latest song from Sondar, an electropop duo from Nashville.

I'm given quite a few songs through hypem, this tune however this tune really rang through my ears. The constant chilled atmostphere throughout the track is sublime, yet the 2nd half of Singlewave is completely different from the 1st, with more focus on the beats, synth keys and a male vocalist. The choppiness also gives the track such fantastic rhythm to what is already a funky tune.

Check out Sondar below:
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  1. Wonderful track - like nothing I’ve ever heard!
    Perfectly ambient and glitchy; while powerful yet soft, dreamy vox lay ontop. Was on repeat!

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