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Loopy is the debut album from Connecticut based artist, Nanode (real name, Sam Sher). Nanode produces Lo-fi, EDM music using, various programs such as, LSDJ & Nanoloop. As well as through gameboys, he also produces music through Ableton.

For loopy, the latest version of nanoloop was used to create eclectic 16 bit beats via a gameboy advance. At a glance, Nanode's style is very creative, using a variety of unique and cute melodies. However a closer look shows so much more character.

Virgo the first song which clearly resembles this. It's a fantastically tight and well structured tune, which shows Nanode's skill with sequencing in nanoloop, as well as some good choice in structuring. His style throughout Virgo (and much of the album) also reminds me, of SBTRKT, as it feels quaint, delicate and soulful.

Sequence is a great continuation on from Virgo, starting off very upbeat and with some shimmering arpeggios. This is wonderfully structured and layered for a song, only using a couple of chords. It shows that through limitation, your creativity can go even further, than being free. But of course in the chiptune community we already all know this.

The final pick song off the album, Ex Machina is probably the track that stands out the most, as it ties up the end of the album very well, whilst combining various of different synth instruments. It feels as if Nanode has used what he has learnt from the prior tracks, and put that knowledge into Ex machina, to create one final great tune.

Overall Loopy is a fantastic relaxing journey through the sounds of Nanoloop and gives us a first look into Nanode's thoughts & style. Almost all the tracks merged well together, particularly from Virgo to Hydrogen, and possess a rahter punchy rhythmic feel, something that I can't deny is very addictive.

Virgo & Ex Machina

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