Please Lose Battle - Goodbye Joy

'Please Lose Battle' are a multiform band from Clermont-Ferrand France, and first starting up in 2013 by Matt Blatte after his experience with Fami-tracker. Their arsenal contains a bass, drums & two NES consoles for leads & melodies, in which through these instruments, Please Lose Battle create music closely relating to chiprock, progressive music & even metal.

'Goodbye joy' is the 4th album by Please Lose Battle, released through Chiptune label, 'Cheapbeats'. Prior to their latest release, they have released 2 other albums & a soundtrack.

A quick listen to the start of the title track, 'Goodbye Joy', may give the impression of a softer sounding album. However the tables are abruptly turned after just under a minute, when the song is kicked into overdrive. This is mainly down to its oddly formed chords, intentionally made to feel out of place. It's weird, but unique, quirky and shows that you don't necessarily need to follow a structure.

Another interesting thing whilst listening to 'Goodbye Joy' is that Please Lose Battle's style is very distinct, with the music created, sounding harrowing & overly melodic, with some songs both played in major & minor. This can be heard majorly in the 4th track, 'Hit and Run', which uses colourful leads, but is not afraid to switch over to hardcore, grungy sounds, something you wouldn't think would normally fit together.

This goes extremely well with the progressive nature of the album, with a couple of Goodbye Joy's tracks being almost 10 minutes long -'Sunday Chill In Cosmos' is one of those songs, which acts as a fantastic closing, progressive track to what is a solid album.

Goodbye Joy is easily the one of the most unique albums I have listened to & I'm interested in having the CD & T-shirt in my collection when they finally arrive at my house (I just wish I had one of the 'ultra rare t-shirts' before they sold out...).

'Goodbye Joy'

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